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Dr. Gary Carrier and Dr. Michele Carrier
Your Hendersonville Chiropractor

I am 78 years old and have been a patient of Dr. Carrier since January, 2011.  I have been dealing with PMR (a form of arthritis) for many years and then in 2007 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease which has been controlled with medication.  However, in 2010 the pain in my lower back and legs became so severe it was difficult to function and live a normal life.  After testing was done by my medical doctor I was referred to a surgeon and diagnosed with spinal stenosis.  The surgeon told me my back was worn out and that there were basically three options:  surgery which should help my leg pain but not necessarily my back; steroid shots or live with the pain.

In lieu of any of the three options my family and friends encouraged me to try chiropractic and see if that would help.  My first visit to Dr. Carrier was in January, 2011 and was encouraged that he was sure he could help me.  He started therapy and adjustments three times per week and I could really tell the difference in my mobility and the pain was much more tolerable. 

When he got the DRX9000 machine, he told me he thought I was a perfect candidate for it and that it could really help and give me even more quality of life.  After prayerful consideration, I felt I needed to spend the money for this new treatment.  I know Dr. Carrier would not even suggest it if he did not think it would help.  I have now had numerous treatments and based on my success I highly recommend this treatment.  Having my independence and quality of life back without so much pain and difficulty is priceless.

Thank you Dr. Garry and staff! 

Maxine Lewis 

It was suggested to me by Dr. Michelle to try laser treatments on my shoulder.  After two rotator cuff surgeries, I had a lot of scar tissue which limited the movement in my shoulder.  After the first treatment I was surprised, and impressed at the increased mobility.  Three treatments later I am very excited about the results.  I encourage anyone and everyone to look further into the benefits of these treatments, as I am sure the results will be rewarding. 

Perky Bresnahan  

I have suffered from severe dermatitis for about a year.  I had tried all kinds of steroid creams and antihistamines prescribed by my dermatologist without positive results.  The dermatitis was miserably uncomfortable and on most of my body.  With Dr. Carriers help and a change in my diet, the issue is almost completely resolved.  The laser therapy is truly amazing and a miracle for me.  My skin has been red and swollen and when the laser hits it, you can watch the redness disappear.  I am so thankful for Dr. Carrier’s help and would recommend laser therapy to anyone who needs healing

Kayla Jenkins 

I have suffered with back problems my whole life.  I was born with a slipped vertebrae that caused more problems the older I got.  At age 18 I suffered a ruptured disk.  At this time I first visited Carrier Chiropractic where they helped me very much.  At 19 I suffered two compressed disk that was from a work related accident. 

I am now 24 and I suffer from pinched nerves from a cyst in my low back.  These problems put me in a wheelchair from the terrible pain every time I stood or even sat up.  Remembering Carrier Chiropractic, I returned hoping they could help.  I will admit that I was a bit skeptical because of all the added problems since my last visit.  He was so confident that he could help to even correct the problems in my back.  After a few short weeks I started to notice some improvements with the pain, but still a little skeptical.  I can now say I have never been happier to be proven wrong.  I was in a wheelchair for about 3 months, and now, just a few months later, I am walking around without the help of a cane except on occasions, which is mostly due to the muscle loss and bad knees.  I would recommend to anyone with back pain, big or small, to coming to Carrier Chiropractic.  They are more than just doctors and assistants, they are family and friends.  I am greeted by name immediately when I walk through the door with smiles from great people.  Its more than a place to heal, but a place to laugh, and regain hope.  Thank you all at Carrier Chiropractic for helping give me back my life, hope, and to believe again.

Derek Allen 

After a number of years of back pain,  what a joy of being pain free. Thanks Dr. Gary 

Glenn  Ashworth
Hendersonville, TN 

After four years of misery and finally using a cane- 4 weeks of treatments and the cane was unnecessary, headaches gone, sleeping all night without pain, standing up straight again and surgery avoided… Life is good again!!

Jane Dickerson
Hendersonville, TN 

I suffered from very severe headaches and neck pain.  After coming to see Dr. Gary the pain and headaches have lessened a whole lot.  Thanks Dr. Gary!

Dezerae Padgett
Hendersonville, TN 

Dr. Gary and staff have cured my chronic back and neck pain, thanks for giving me my health back.

Anita Covington
Hendersonville, TN  

When I first came to see Dr. Gary I was not walking very well.  I had to use a walker in order to get around.  I have had around 15 visits with Dr. Gary and as of right now I have been one week without the walker.  I never could have done it without his help.  Thanks so much Dr. Gary! 

Deneese Donegan
Hendersonville, TN 

Ever since I started coming here, I have never felt better.  I sleep better, have more energy and function better.  Thank you guys for showing me at 26years old,  I can feel young again.  Thanks Dr. Gary! 

Annie Smith
Hendersonville, TN  

My medication has decreased by half in 6 months time for my migraines, my neck, back, and sleeping is much better!  Also my attitude towards people is much better.  My 12 year old son has started treatment too.  Awesome change in everything with his school work.

Jackie Smith
Hendersonville, TN  

My daughter had ear problems for 6 months and was about to have tubes put in, we started treatment and she has not had an ear infection since. 

Kali and Adyson

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  • "have been seeing Dr Gary for a back and neck injury. His care and expertise is unbelievable. He explained exactly what he was going to do and the treatment plan. I can't rate this place high enough. The whole staff is wonderful."
    D.D. Hendersonville, TN

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